To submit papers, panels and special sessions, please go to:

General Chair
Emily Sopensky (USA), The Iris Company

General Vice Chair
Paul Hartmann (USA), RF SAW Inc.

Program Chair
Daniel W. Engels (USA), UT Arlington

Program Admin Chair
Steve Crowl (USA), St. Edward’s University

Program Co-Sponsor Chair
Stephen Harvell (USA), LXE Inc

Publications Chair
Luke Maki, P.E. (USA), The Boeing Company

Program Committee

  • Dr. Gianni Pasolini (Italy), University of Bologna
  • Magdy Bayoumi (USA), University of Louisiana
  • Kang Lee (USA), National Institute of Standards and Technology
  • Umit Ozguner (USA), Ohio State University
  • Vijay Nair (USA), Intel
  • Dilip Kotak, Simon Fraser University
  • In K. Mun
  • Bill Hardgrave (USA), University of Arkansas
  • Antonio Rizzi (Italy), University of Parma
  • Dieter Uckelmann (USA), Georgia Tech Research Institute
  • Faisal Mohd Yasin (Malaysia), Engineering, Multimedia University, Selangor

Local Arrangements and Registration Chair
Merrily Hartmann (USA), AT&T (ret.)

Administrative Volunteer Coordinator
Tom Cylkowski (USA)

Publicity Chair
Brian Fraser (USA)

Finance Chair
Dilip B. Kotak (Canada)

Student Liaison
Elizabeth Johston (U.S.A)