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Listed below are some PLANNING DETAILS for you to keep in mind as you prepare for your paper presentations at our conference:

  • Technical sessions have been organized and are listed below with the day/time/location indicated.
  • Speaker Briefings
    • These meetings will take place Wednesday (April 16th) and Thursday (April 17th) at 8:00 a.m.
    • Plan to attend the meeting on the day your paper will be presented
    • You will get to meet your session chair and other authors in your session
    • A Session Monitor will assist you in loading your paper on the session laptop
  • Audio/Visual arrangements
    • An LCD projector, projection screen, and laptop will be provided in each of our session rooms
    • Bring your presentation on a memory stick or CD to load onto the laptop
  • Session format – all technical paper presentations will be made orally
  • Business attire for presenters
  • There will not be a separate speaker ready room available

A Best Paper Award, sponsored by ODIN Technologies, Inc., will be awarded to the best technical paper accepted and presented at the conference.

Wednesday, April 16 (Morning)

Session 1A1:
Testing & Evaluation Systems and Results(Veronese 2503)

Multi-Antenna RF Tag Measurement System Using Back-Scattered Spread Spectrum
Gregory Durgin, Anil Rohatgi, Georgia Tech
Automated Test System for ISO 18000-7 Active RFID
Peter J. Hawrylak, Ajay Ogirala, J.T. Cain, Marlin Mickle University of Pittsburgh
Feasibility Study of Surface Acoustic Wave RFID for Information Processing AssetManagement
Byung You Song, Arunabh Chattopadhyay, Jae Yeol Lee, Rait Gadh, Junghoon Lee Seoul National University
(South Korea)

Evaluation of RFID Performance for a Pharmaceutical Distribution Chain:HF vs. UHF
Dilek Dagdelen Uysal, Jean-Pierre Emond, Daniel Engels University of Florida (USA)Session 1A2:
Security I
(Veronese 2504)

An Efficient and Flexible Way to Protect Privacy in RFID Environment with LicensesShi-Cho Cha, Kuan-Ju Huang, Hsiang-Meng Chang, National Taiwan University of Science & Technology (Taiwan)

High-Assurance Avionics Multi-Domain RFIDProcessing System
Rainer Falk, Florian Kohlmayer, Andreas Koepf, Siemens AG; Mingyan Li, Boeing Phantom Works (USA)

A Tamper Detection Method for RFID Tag Data
Akira Yamamoto, Shigeya Suzuki, Hisakazu Hada, Jin Mitsugi, Fumio Teraoka,
Osamu Nakamura, Keio University (Japan)
Design and Implementation of PUF- Based “Unclonable” RFID ICs for Anti-Counterfeiting and Security Applications
Srinivas Devadas, M.I.T.; G. Edward Suh, Cornell Univ.; Sid Paral, Richard Sowell, Thomas Ziola, Vivek Khandelwal, Pufco Inc. (USA)Session 1A3:
RuBee (IEEE P1902.1) in Action (Invited)
(Veronese 2505)

A panel of RuBee experts discusses applications for the DoD weapons visibility, RitzCarlton applications, healthcare tools, and other mobility solutions.

Moderator:Peter Abell, VP Business Development, Visible Assets.

John Stevens, Visible Assets, How the Physics of RuBee Can Block Tempest, Target and Eavesdropping Threats in Ultra High Security Applications
Dane Davis
, Military Market Manager, Sig Sauer.Weapons Visibility Networks and Shot Counting. 
Gary Dennis, 
Trimble.“Process Free” Mobile Asset Visibility with Driver Identity Using Van Contained RuBee Networks.
Herb Hauser
,MidTown Technologies. RuBee at the RitzJoe Chwan Jr.(Snap-On Tools), RuBee- Enabled Mission Critical Tool Applications.
Izumida Masamich(Epson/Seiko), RuBee Networks for Human Identity and Human Resource Management.

12:00-13:30 Lunch Veronese 2502
Wednesday, April 16 (Afternoon)


Session 1B1:
Antenna Theory & Design
(Veronese 2503)

A Compact Low Cost Planar Smart Antenna for RFID Reader at 900 MHz
Nemai Chandra Karmakar, Sushim Mukul Roy, Muhammad Saqib Ikram, Monash University(Australia)

A Printed Rampart-Line Antenna with a Dielectric Superstrate for UHF RFIDApplications
Benjamin Braaten, Gregory Owen, Robert Nelson, Cherish Bauser-Reich, Jacob Glower, North Dakota State U.; Dustin Vaselaar, Michael Reich, Aaron Reinholz, CNSE; Brian Morlock, Packet Digital LLC(USA)

Compact Mobile RFID Antenna Design and Analysis Using Photonic-Assisted Vector
Near-Field Characterization
Jeong-Jin Kang, Dong Seoul College; Dong- Joon Lee, Chia-Chu Chen, John F. Whitaker,
U. Michigan; Edward J. Rothwell, Michigan State Univ. (USA)

Novel N – way Power Divider and Array Configuration for RFID Readers Operating at 5.8 GHz
Sushim Mukul Roy, Isaac Balbin, Nemai Chandra Karmakar, Monash University
(Australia)Session 1B2:
Security II
(Veronese 2504)

EC-RAC (ECDLP Based Randomized Access Control): Provably Secure RFIDAuthentication Protocol
Yong Ki Lee, Ingrid Verbauwhede
University of California Los Angeles; Lejla Batina, Katholieke Univ, Leuven (USA)

Huafei Zhu,
Heng Mui Keng Terrace(Singapore)

Tamper Detection in RFID-Enabled Supply
Chains Using Fragile Watermarking
ShuiHua Han, Xiamen University;
Chao-Hsien Chu
Pennsylvania State University (China)

HB-MP+ Protocol: An Improvement on the
HB-MP Protocol
Xuefei Leng, Keith Mayes, Konstantinos
Royal Holloway, University of London (UK)Session 1B3:
Distributed Management of RFID Intelligence (Invited)(Veronese 2504)

Discussion of works in progress on intelligent clients, local processing with a central database.

Daniel Engels, Christian Floerkemeier, William A. Gruver, Dilip B. Kotak

15:00 – 15:30 BREAK


Session 1C1:
Circuits and Architectures
(Veronese 2503)

Power and Energy Optimization of the Digital Core of a Gen2 Long Range Full Passive RFID Sensor TagIbon Zalbide, Julia Vicario, Igone Velez, CEIT and Tecnun (Spain)

Very High Efficiency 13.56 MHz RFID Input Stage Voltage Multipliers Based on Ultra Low
Power MOS Diodes.
Geoffroy Gosset, Bertrand Rue, Denis Flandre Catholic University of Louvain-La-Neuve (Belgium)

High Data Rate RFID Tag/Reader Architecture Using Wireless Voltage Regulation
Nicholas Pillin, Norbert Joehl, Catherine Dehollain, Michel Declercq, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology(Switzerland)

Hybrid Transformer-Based Adaptive RF Front End for UHF RFID Mobile Phone Readers
Pekka Pursula, Heikki Seppa
VTT Technical Research Centre (Finland)Session 1C2:
Localization and Tracking
(Veronese 2504)

Introducing a Micro-Wireless Architecture
for Business Activity Sensing
Raj Bridgelall, Axcess International(USA)

SLAM Algorithm for 2D Object Trajectory
Tracking based on RFID Passive Tags
Po Yang, Wenyan Wu,
Staffordshire University(UK)

SIP-RLTS: An RFID Location Tracking
System Based on SIP
Zang Li, Chao-Hsien Chu, Wen Yao Pennsylvania State University (USA)

Value of Sparse RFID Traceability Information
in Asset Tracking During Migration Period
Tatsuya Inaba, Keio University (Japan)Session 1C3:
RFID and Sensors in Industry (Invited)
(Veronese 2505)

A Ubiquitous Computing and Monitoring System (UCoMS) for Oil Platforms Management
Magdy Bayoumi 
Center of Advanced Computer Studies (CACS), University of Louisiana at Lafayette

U.S. Air Force RFID SCOUT Program
Kristin Hedger, Killdeer Mountain Manufacturing (KMM)
Mark G. McDonald, Alien Technology

HF, UHF & Sensors 
Jean-Pierre Emond, University of Florida

Thursday, April 17 (Morning)

8:30 – 10:00 SYMPOSIUM PANEL RFID Technology for Transportation Security Logistics (ILS) Veronese 2502
Logistics is increasingly important in ensuring a security system¡¯s success as a product. Increased competition in inventory control, speed-to-market (airport deployments), and maintenance put more emphasis on the efficiency of the enterprise. As a result, logistics information systems (ILS) is critical to profitability.
Moderator: Buzz Cerino 
Overview and Evolution of RFID technology, and the IATA business model for RFID implementation.
Dave Bourgon, Airline Systems Manager, McCarran International Airport (Las Vegas)
Airport/Terminal Issues.
Ken Ehrman, President & COO of I.D. Systems, a Wireless Fleet Management System (WFMS) vendor.
Applications in Vehicle/Asset Geo Tracking.
John C. Shoemaker is President, Shipcom Wireless, a solutions provider serving many global markets. Bold New Options for Management: Integrated Hybrid RFID Solutions Development and Integration.

10:00 – 10:30 BREAK


10:30 – 12 noon SYMPOSIUM ROUNDTABLE Where Are The Jobs? Veronese 2502
Moderator: Steven Cherry, Senior Associate Editor, IEEE SPECTRUM magazine
Industry Panel: Loek d¡¯Hont, VP Business Development, Mark IV Industries 
Peter Kuzma, Vice President of Business Development, Thin Battery Technologies 
Pedro Reyes, Associate Professor, Hankamer School of Business,Baylor University 
Craig Weakley, Technical Director, RCD Technology Inc. 
Donna Wright, Vice President and General Manager, AIDC Solutions Group, NCR
IEEE Leaders: Paul Hartmann, General Vice Chair, IEEE RFID 2008, is Vice President of Engineering for RF SAW, Inc. He is a Senior Member of the IEEE, served on the Board of Governors of the Communications Society from 1998 to 2000, was Technical Program Chair for IEEE Globecom ¡®89 and is a member of the Globecom/ICC Management and Strategy Committee (GIMS).
Elizabeth Johnston, engineering student at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, is IEEE Region 6 Student Representative.
Karen Panetta, Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Tufts University, Medford, MA, is Chair of the IEEE WIEC (Women in Engineering Committee).
Ed Perkins, a 30-year veteran of the electronics industry, is 2008 Chair of the IEEE-USA Career and Workforce Policy Committee. Perkins, who has been an IEEE volunteer for 25+ years, is a Senior Member of IEEE and a Past Chair of the Oregon Section, as well as Region 6 Membership Chair

12:00 – 13:00 LUNCH Veronese 2502

Luncheon Speaker Russ Lefevre, President, IEEE-USA The Evolution of RFID within IEEE
Moderator: Harry Pappas, President & CEO, International RFID Business Association
Participants: Jim Grubbs, Security Supervisor and Training Coordinator,Caesar¡¯s Palace 
John M. Kendall, President & CEO, CHIPCO International 
Jeff Markman, President, Positek RFID

Thursday, April 17 (Afternoon)


Session 2B1:
Collision Avoidance
(Veronese 2503)

Robust and Dynamic Bin Slotted Anti-Collision Algorithms in RFID System
Jae Sung Choi, Hyun Lee, Daniel Engels, Ramez Elmasri, The University of Texas at Arlington (USA)

Speed Adjustment Algorithm for an RFID Reader and Conveyor Belt System Performing Dynamic Framed Slotted Aloha Laurent Simon, Poompat Saengudomlert, Asian Institute of Technology; Urachada Ketprom, Nat. Elec & Comp. Tech. Ctr. (Thailand)
The Slotted-LBT: A RFID Reader Medium
Access Scheme in Dense Reader Environments
Cheng-Hao Quan, Gil-Young Choi, Electronics?& Telecom Res. Inst.; Jin-Chul Choi, Chae-Woo Lee, Ajou University (South Korea)

CDMA-based RFID Systems in DenseScenarios: Concepts and Challenges
Christian Floerkemeier, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Carlo Mutti,
ASSA ABLOY (Switzerland)Session 2B2:
System Deployment & Design
(Veronese 2504)

Shortest Travel Distance for Full Reads on Least RFID Friendly Carton Stacking Configuration Using Advance Design of Experiments Techniques and Gage Reproducibility and Repeatability
Edmund Chan,
Republic Polytechnic (Singapore)

An Overview of RFID System Interfaces andReader Protocols
Christian Floerkemeier, Sanjay Sarma, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA)

A Comparative Analysis of RFID Adoption in Retail and Manufacturing Sectors
Mithu Bhattacharya, Chao-Hsien Chu, Tracy Mullen, Pennsylvania State University (USA)

Improvements in Operational Distance inPassive HF RFID Transponder Systems
Christian Klapf, Albert Missoni, Wolfgang Pribyl, Graz, University of Technology;
Gter Hofer, Gerald Holweg, Walter Kargl Infineon Tech. Graz(Austria)

Session 2B3: RFID and Sensors for Space and Harsh Environments (Invited)(Veronese 2505)

Discussion of the use of RFID for asset tracking and RFID with sensors in the environments found in manned space craft, in testing facilities that simulate space environments, and for monitoring the condition or health of critical hardware systems under stressful environmental conditions.

Moderator:Paul Hartmann, VP Engineering, RF SAW

Clinton Hartmann, President, RF SAW
RFID Asset Tracking on the International Space Station
Patrick Fink, NASA Johnson Space Center
Kurt Silvers, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
RFID Asset Health Monitoring ?A Technology Coming of Age
Scott Hafermalz, NASA
RFID in the Mars Habitat Test in Antarctica

15:00 – 15:30 BREAK


Session 2C1:
Radio Frequency Investigation
and Utilization(Veronese 2503)

A Channel Allocation Scheme Considering with Collisions and Interferences in Practical
UHF RFID Applied Communication Fields
Seon Mi Yeo, Bu Won Jeon, Jae Hyun Bae, Young Joo Moon, Hyoung Hwan Roh, Jun
Seok Park, Yeong Rak Seong, Ha Ryoung Oh, Yeon Joo Kim, University of Kookmin; Jeong
Seok Kim, Chan Won Park, Gil Young Choi, ETRI (South Korea)

Characterization of RF Propagation in Helical and Toroidal Metal Pipes for
Passive RFID Systems
Darmindra Arumugam, Daniel Engels University of Texas at Arlington (USA)

Antennas and Propagation in UHF RFID Systems
Pavel Nikitin, KVS Rao
Intermec Technologies (USA)

A Novel Chipless RFID System Based on Planar Multiresonators for BarcodeReplacement
Stevan Preradovic, Isaac Balbin, Nemai Chandra Karmakar, Monash University Gerry Swiegers, CSIRO (Australia)Session 2C2:
Smart Environments
(Veronese 2504)

ASSIST – Automated System for Surgical
Instrument and Sponge Tracking
Nilo Rivera, Rosemary Mountain, Allen A.
Williams, A.B. Cooper, Douglas L. Lewis,
Richard C. Benson, Joseph A. Miragliotta, Russell H. Taylor, Johns Hopkins University;
Michael Marohn, Johns Hopkins Hospital; Lia
Assumpcao, Johns Hopkins Medical Institute
iWalker: Toward a Rollator-MountedWayfinding System for the Elderly
Vladimir Kulyukin, Aliasgar Kutiyanawala, Utah State University; Edmund LoPresti, AT Sciences; Judith atthews, University of Pittsburgh School of Nursing (USA)

GIDS – A System for Combining RFID-Based
Site Information and Web-Based Data for
Virtually Displaying the Location on Handheld
Andreas Lfler, Uwe Wissendheit, Heinz Gerhser, Dina Kuznetsova, Friedrich-Alexander University of Erlangen-Nuremberg
Wirelessly-Charged UHF Tags for Sensor
Data Collection
Daniel Yeager, Richa Prasad, David Wetherall,
University of Washington; Pauline Powledge,
Joshua Smith, Intel Research (USA)

Session 2C3:

Tools for Design andEvaluation (Veronese 2505)

Combined System Analysis and AutomatedDesign of RFID Transponder Systems
Frank Deicke, Hagen Grätz, Fraunhofer Institute for Photonic Microsystems; Wolf-Joachim Fischer, Technische Universität Dresden  (Germany)

Functional Verification of Future Higher Class UHF RFID Tag Architectures based on Cosimulation
Alex Janek, Christian Steger, Reinhold Weiss Graz University of Technology; Josef Preishuber-Pfluegl, Markus Pistauer, CISC Semiconductor Design Consulting GmbH    (Austria)

Engineering RFID Systems Through Electromagnetic Modeling
Sudhanshu Gakhar,
Joseph Feldkamp,
MarkPerkins, Kimberly-Clark Corp.; Rensheng Sun,C.J. Reddy, EM Software & Systems Inc.(USA)

Evaluation of Physical and Logical Layer RFID Simulation Engine
Christian Floerkemeier,
Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Ravikanth Pappu, ThingMagic Inc.   (USA)

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